dinsdag 8 november 2011

Bobby hair


Years and years I saved my hair to get long, very long. Now for a year I had such long hair it was not fun anymore. Such long hair is not always handy and comfortable as you would think.  There were always lots of knots, was very warm and it always was a lot of work to get it neatly. Soooo, I took a big step today and went to the hairdresser!  I decided to donate my hair for charity. So that somebody else can enjoy it. To do that, you must cut your hair in a dry pony tail and then you put it in a envelop and send it to the organization. I chose for "gife her (geef om haar)" from Pantene. They make wigs of the donated hair for women with cancer. 

Are you interested to donate your hair? You can find more information here

With love
Charlotte. x

PS: Sorry for the bad quality of the photo's, forgot my camera at home!

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