donderdag 5 januari 2012

Summer vibes - Jorick Michiels Photography

Hello sweet little strangers!

After almost two weeks studyingsleepingstudyingsleepingstudying... I am actually really exhausted right now. But I have a good reason to keep studying. Two words: SUMMER VACATION.  You have to admit, when you looked outside today, it looked really sad. #wantacocktailonabeachrightnow

So to cheer you guys a bit up, I surfed around on the internet for some summer inspiration. Jorick Michiels is one of my favorite photographers and I had already the chance to work with him. Those two shoots were both great! He does not shoot only models but also children, weddings, ...
What I like about his pictures is that they are full of light, tender and he uses lovely colors. Enjoy the summer vibes!

These are his and also mine favorites, to see more pictures click on the names.

Yes, this is me... with my long hair! You would not say it but this picture was made when it was almost sunset and raining. You can tell, he is a pro!

With Love
Charlotte. X

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Zalig Charlotte !! :) Merci voor al die goede woordjes én yes onze twee shootjes waren nice en niet te vergeten onze trip naar Londen !! :)

  2. You are welcome dear! Oh ja, londen was leuk!!