dinsdag 17 januari 2012

My outfit // The green chill sweater

sweater (zara) , stripe shirt (new look), all stars (converse), earrings (h&m), nail polish (gosh)

Hi guys!

How are you all? Still studying for the exams? Yesterday I had my last theory exam, friday is my very very last exam but it is an architectural drawing exam. I can not really study for a drawing exam but I can practice my drawings from class. So that is what I will do this week. And after my last exam friday, I have a week vacation! Jippie!

Last week, right after an examen, I went sales shopping. Oh dear, I had so much stress for my exams that I really shopped some good sales! One of the things I bought is a green sweater. I really love it already! It is perfect for my "chill outfits". I can tell you, I have A LOT of those outfits!

So today was perfect for the wear a chill outfit, I can:
- watch TV
- take a nap
- do some drawings
- hang on the bench
- ...

With Love