dinsdag 1 mei 2012

My outfit // I'm still saving for my birkin bag

retro sunglasses (asos), jeans bow (h&m), brown jacket(h&m), blouse with animal print (forever 21), elephant neckless (forever 21), ring neckless (vintage), red vans (vans by footlocker), high waist skinny jeans (pull and bear), "I'm still saving for my birkin bag" bag (lily mechelen)

Drinks at Bar Popular in Mechelen.
Pictures by Mitte De Wolf.

Hi there!

So lately I haven't got much time to blog ( decently) because I have lots to do for school. And school is very important for me. But over one month... am I done, JEEJ! I'm really looking forward to the Summer vacation. Don't get me wrong, I really LOVE school but I also love the travel. So this Summer I will go to France with my family and do some festivals here in Belgium. What are your plans for this Summer?

Today was a weird day, here in Belgium. It was actually like a sunday, I don't like sundays. It's to peaceful or whatever. It's strange... but Hey, I'm strange to so :-) Do you guys think the same way or?

The sun shined today and it was really warm, so I went for a drink with a friend of mine. Mmm, I just loveee desporados, it's really refreshing!

But now I am back at my room, working for school (and blogging). So see you guys later!

Have a nice day!

With love