woensdag 18 januari 2012

Interior design: BuzziSpace

Today, I was watching the news and discovered this really cool design brand: BuzziSpace.

BuzziSpace is a Belgian design brand that has won the Henry van de Velde Award 2011 for most innovative company. Inventor and inspirer of BuzziSpace, Steve Symons, founded the company four years ago.

BuzzeSpace is the market leader when it comes to sound-absorbing design products that are environmentally-sound for both the office and home market. They have showrooms in Antwerp, Chicago, London, Rotterdam, Cologne and Sydney! The Antwerp-based brand has shifted into a global market player.

This Belgian brand shows that to this day, INNOVATION is still the KEY element for worldwide success. The colors and the material they use are really refreshing and ecological. I visited their website, they have such beautiful designs. I am definitely going to plan a visit to their showroom in Antwerp!

These are my favorite designs (click on the titles to see more pictures)

Pictures: BuzzySpace


With Love
Charlotte. X

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