vrijdag 4 november 2011

Quality time: shopping with mom

Hi you guys!

I have a bad cold for almost a whole week and I am really tired of it. So my mom took me to the city for some shopping. It has been a while that I went with my mum, it has actually been a while that I just went shopping! With a purse full of tissues, we began our hunt. First we went to the shoe store for my Flairboots (Boots of a Belgian Magazine) and some other shoes. I have taken some pictures of the catches of the day.

Platform boots - Bullboxer 

Flair boots (Torfs) - woolen scarf (WE) - bamboo body scrub (Hema)
leg warmers (h&m)  - some make-up (Maybelline)

Detail Flair boots
Pictures by Charlotte Claesen

We did not shop that much and not that long but I really enjoyed it to spending some time with my mom (and her creditcard).

With love
Charlotte. x