vrijdag 17 februari 2012

My outfit // The orange purse

glasses (ray - ban), coat (forever 21), earrings (mr & mrs tweed), purse (h&m), 
grey sweater (zara), pink woolen poncho (new look), shoes (h&m), jegging (zara)

Dear little strangers

This week, it stopped freezing here in Belgium! And even the sun sometimes does shine trough the clouds. But the people outside are still wearing grey, black, brown, ... dark clothes. Yes I know, even me.  So I wanted to add some color to my outfit but I didn't wanted to look like a rainbow.  Then I saw this little orange purse  in the h&m shop and I LOVED it. I know that everybody has a zatchel now and that it is a big hit, there even were some beautiful zatchels in the h&m shop. But everyone has already the bag and then it is less original, for now.

Tonight I will have some quality time with my mom. We are going to watch a movie, cozy in the seat in our living room.

Have a nice weekend!

With love

1 opmerking:

  1. Wat toevallig! Wij wisten helemaal niet dat jij zo dicht bij ons woont, wij komen zelf regelmatig in Retie!
    Hele leuke outfit trouwens, mooie stijl :)
    x Judith