donderdag 16 februari 2012

See-trough blouses

Hello there!

Today I was reading in one of my favorite magazines Flair. It is a magazine about fashion, food, sports, sex, decoration, ... etc.

Maybe some of you know it, some of you do not. But I am really addicted to the magazine. I keep them all, not one I throw away!

In this weeks issue I found a fashion article about see-trough blouses. It is been a trend for a while, I also own one or two. But I have never really wear it without a top or T-shirt. I will change that soon, when it is warmer. Than you could wear underneath a flashy bra or bikini.

My question  for you about see-trough blouses is: does it look trashy or classy?  Opinions please!

Pictures: we heart it.

Elizabeth Olsen, wearing a oversized see trough blouse.

See - trough blouses by American Apperel.

With love
Charlotte. X       

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