dinsdag 27 maart 2012

Guest outfit // The denim girl

black sweater (h&m), blue t-shirt (h&m), coton bag (bagitdontbinit), shoes (converse), salopet (vero moda), sunglasses (gift)
Hi there

Normally my sister takes photo's of my outfit, this time we switched places. So She in front of the lens and I behind the lens. Because she just LOVED her new buy (the salopet).

She has a more sportive, urban look than me. But we still share a lot of clothes. (I more then here but ok, haha.) I actually really like her fruzzy hair. She has so much hair!!! But I think that it is to warm for her, so in a few weeks she will go to the hair-salon.

These photo's are taken on a very sunny afternoon last weekend. I just can tell you guys this so much (like a overload) but I really REALLY LOVE THE SUN. It makes you instant ten times happier than normally. For me it does.

What do you guys think of her sportive/urban/denim look?

With love

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