woensdag 28 december 2011

Study smoothie

To all my sweet studying little strangers: study hard and you will get what you want!

Since monday, I am almost non-stop studying about constructions, types of buildings, design history, etcetera... But I am not alone in the house, my sister is also studying very hard. We have no much time to cook or go to the store so our sweet parents have specially taken vacation for two weeks to take care of us.

My mom has made every day a fresh juice of freshly squeezed orange juice, apple, banana and cranberries for me. I can tell you, it is very njummynjummy and a real study boost!

What do you need:
- a mommy
- a banana
- an apple
- three oranges 
- a handfull of cranberries

How do you make it:
- squeeze the three oranges till juice
- clean the apple, cut it into pieces
- clean the cranberries
- peel the banana and cut it into pieces
- mix everything in a blender 
...and tadaaaa!

With love
Charlotte. X

1 opmerking:

  1. Zie er zo lekker uit!

    What do you need:
    - a mummy, moet ik hierbij aan een dood lichaam gewikkeld in stof denken? x)