dinsdag 1 november 2011

Small spaces: Optibo

Hi my little sweetie pies!
Last I bought a book about small spaces. I really enjoyed reading it (and watching the pictures). One of my favorite spaces is Optibo. It's an apartement from White Design. You wouldn't believe me if I told you how small it is... 25 !!!

The Optibo is a miniscule multi-functional residence, featuring furniture that is stored under the floor. The chairs, sofa and table are on lifts that bring them up from under the floor. Quite the inventive use of space, don't you think? I just love it!

The foot of the bed is in relation to the dining area and the bedroom. The large 'dandelion' thing on the left is actually a semi-translucent sliding door that closes off the bathroom. It also effectively brings in an interesting scale and pattern that makes the small space feel much larger.

Note some of the details that make it successful (keep in mind how small the entire apartment is). The floor mat does not have an end or a beginning, tricking the eye to assume it goes forever. The use of glass tile from floor to ceiling creates a sense of depth. The mirror pulls in the far end of the bedroom, which further expands the space.

Pictures: White Design

Small spaces have a world of benefits to their larger:
- they are much cheaper to build and maintain
- you can splurge on better quality materials since you will need fewer of them
- you really gotta love what you buy, cause there is no place to hide it if you don't
With love
Charlotte. x