vrijdag 23 december 2011

Personal // Christmas, the one with friends

Last evening/night we held a little Christmas dinner with friends in the city were we study. We divided the tasks. I cooked the main course: wok with shrimp. There were also some delicious snacks, refreshing drinks and a tasty dessert. As if that was not enough we also had gifts for each other. Before, we al had a piece of paper with a name on, we bought a gift for that person.

It was a really nice evening. We have eaten SO much food that we had to rest for a half a hour. Then we went to a house party of an other friend. And after that we went to the interior design party held by a couple of students. So you can say that we sure celebrated the fact that is now officially holiday but also officially study time... oh well, we celebrate in style!

I was wearing my long black skirt from h&m with a open back T-shirt from Zara. The belt is also from h&m, I think. Actually, this is the most comfortable party outfit I ever worn, no joke. 

With love
Charlotte. X