dinsdag 31 januari 2012

Interior design by students: a kitchen to die for

Hello there!

This school year I have more theoretical lessons then practical (design etc.) But some friends of mine, who are studying the same thing as me (but a year higher),  have had some interesting design assignments.

They showed me some pictures and models of there designs and I just LOVED it. So I am going to share my four favorites:

- kitchen by Noud Hanegraaf (interior design, construction)
- kitchen by Valerie Lens (interior design, construction)
- private restaurant by Michel Wagemans (interior design, furniture)
- private restaurant by Mark Vrinzen (interior design, furniture)

The designs are kitchens or private restaurants. Do you not want something like that? I would just die for one of these designs.

Inspiration: time checkered

Inspiration: peacock - showing off

Private restaurant by MICHEL WAGEMANS
Inspiration: foresters - game shooting in the woods - cooking in the forest - respect for wood

Private restaurant by MARK VRINZEN
Inspiration: tree house - the interaction between inside and outside

Wich one is your design style? 

With love

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  1. Building the kitchen countertops of your dream makes sense if you are going to be spending a lot of time in this house, and therefore, this kitchen. Its long been recognised that bathrooms are a great selling point for a property.