zaterdag 4 februari 2012

My outfit // wrapped for winter

jacket (zara), beatles t-shirt (h&m), squared shirt (h&m)
winter boots (flair by torfs), jegging (zara), owl earrings (jutka & riska), headband (h&m)

Hi there!

I still have vacation, for one week and then my lessons will start again. The whole winter was quite warm and there was no snow until yesterday. The whole week it was freezing cold, it is now still freezing cold with a lot of snow. I find it a bit strange... it is February now... Oh well, the whole world is strange.

I do not mind the snow but the frost... it is so COLD and my hair gets really electric because of the cold. But I found an outfit that is warm, chill, simple, but still pretty. I am also wearing my sunglasses. That is because I get a headache of all the white snow.

Oh and yesterday I went with my dad and his friends to a quiz. They needed only one person to complete their quiz group. I actually enjoyed it and we were good. We got the 8th place of the 40 quiz groups. I have won a package with body wash and body cream.

I have not much to say for the rest but I can tell you one thing: I am working on a interior project but it is not for school. I will tell you more soon!

Thanks to my sister for snapping these freezing white pictures!

Have a snowy weekend!

With love

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