zaterdag 10 maart 2012

Hotspot // Leuven // Giftshop Tante Jojo

Colorful happy schoolbags for the students under us! 

Pretty tea sets for your tea parties at 4 o'clock in the afternoon!

Boxes with retro prints to keep your junk in.

This lamp is so cool, it is actually a geographic book! #loverecycling 

Check out the lamp on the counter! #childhoodflashbacks

I bought this über cute cupcake ring, I just couldn't resist it! 

Hi there little strangers!

A couple of days ago I was with my sister in the city Leuven. She studies there philosophy and psychology. She also has a room there to spend her week through.

So there we were, giggling and goovy walking through the city. First we visited a museum (I am not going to talk about that, I am still in chock of the exhibition). Not my style at all!

So when we were back on the streets my sister took me to this sweet colorful little gift-shop. I was immediately sold... there was a Bambi in front of the door ... so who wouldn't love that!? When we entered the shop it was like little wonderland. There were so many funny/cute/colorful/retro/happy things!

I made some photos but I didn't had my good camera. But the pictures are just fine, don't you think? I created a romantic retro look on them.

Tante Jojo
For more info go to the official website or to the Facebook page
It's definitely worth a visit! 

With love

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  1. schooltassen zijn zeker de moeite waard, duur?

    1. Goh dat weet ik niet meer precies, ik denk tussenin. Redelijk betaalbaar dus :-)