vrijdag 16 maart 2012

My outfit // Retro inspired day look

black t-shirt with open back*zara, skinny jeans with high waist*mango, white blazer*h&m, flower, scarf*pieces, striped bag*kling by lily, red vans*vans by footlocker

Hi there!

I know, it's been a couple of days that I posted something. I've been busy with school and last weekend I got injured on my left little finger. I work in a supermarket by the butcher department... so can you already guess what I did?  Yes, I've cut myself in my left little finger with the cheese slicer! Oooh, that was really a little bloodbath... but now I am ok :-) 

So since a couple of days the sun came out here in Belgium to say hello. She did not only bring lots of light but also lots of warmth, 18 degrees!! (And officially it is still winter!!) I really love the sun, it is so nice to hang out with your friends in the park or just walking around. 

Somethings my outfits are a bit strange (for other people) but sometimes I like to keep it simple and basic. This outfit is comfortable, retro tinted but still not over the top. And I am really addicted to my new striped bag from Kling By Lily. What do you think of the look?

Thanks to my sister for making these lovely pictures!

With love