vrijdag 23 maart 2012

Personal // The one with the 21th birthday

On my way to Leuven city! 

Mmmm, lunch!

Refreshing Belgian beer!

Such a chillywillyhappycappy day!

animal blouse (forever 21), retro sunglasses  (jbc), bright orange nailpolisch (hema), 
jeans shorts (forever 21)

Oh yes yes, this old gail is since yesterday officially TWENTY-ONE. I must tell you (because I am such a baby in everything),  first I did not like the number. Why not? Well, remember when you were little and you look up to the older people than is becoming sixteen heaven, when you are eighteen you enter the "big" world and at the age of twenty-one you have a boyfriend, a car, a good job and lot's of money. This I all thought when I was like eight years old I think. See the problem? Haha, but hey, on closer inspection, I can't complain!

So yesterday was a really fun day for me:
- no school
- bright sun, blue sky
- day-trip to Leuven
- healthy cheap lunch
- walking in the park
- drinking some refreshing Belgian beer on the terrace in the sunlight
- some longboarding
- swimming in the pool
- some relaxing time in the steam cabin
- drinks at my place with some close friends

With love

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  1. Here I'M!! Following you! You have a really great blog! love the way you take the pics! so artistic!!


    By the way, are you from germany?

    1. Hi Marianela! So nice of you that you are following me :-) Thanks, I am always trying something new.

      Nono, I am from Belgium! x