vrijdag 27 april 2012

City trip // Milan, day one

Shots from the plain, the last picture I took during landing.

Train ticket... I want to learn Italian! 


Street entertainment: Local band.

Local street art: vegetables shaped like flowers and animals.

Where to go?

The beautiful Dome! 

Look what I found in our refrigerator in our hotel room: some Dutch beer !

Hi there!

I'm back from Milano ! It was a really great experience ! How are you all been? I heard the weather wasn't that good here, back in Belgium.

So let's start by the beginning. It was the first time on a plain for me. I was so nervous! But I had the perfect first flight:
- the plane wasn't even half full so we had plenty of space
- it was only an hour and 10 minutes flying
- the weather was perfect: sunshine, no rain or wind
I looked out the window during the whole flight (and toked pictures), so beautiful, the air.

Once we where landed you could feel the Italian atmosphere all around, the black stylish clothes, the designer bags, the sunglasses, the language, the food drizzled with olive oil, the street art, the music...

We went to the dome and to the big shopping center la rinascente.  Oh God, the shopping is really huge and center has 7 floors! I wanted to buy something (I really had a big budget) but it was really TO EXPENSIVE. Really, the people in Milan are rich or have magic, I don't know how they manage it to have so much money! At the 7th floor were some bars and restaurants, we grabbed something to eat and went by metro to our hotel.

The next day we went to the fair ISALONI. I will soon write a blog post about our experience!

Did you ever go to Milan and did you shopped much?

With love