donderdag 17 mei 2012

My Outfit // DIY pearl collar necklace

pink shirt (h&m), orange nailpolish (gosh), black bag (theit by pilgerbags), red vans (vans), 
pearl collar necklace (DIY), orange pants (navayo)

Pictures made by my sweet little sister.

       orange nailpolish (gosh) , black clutch (vintage), black plateau pumps (new look), 
pearl collar necklace (DIY), blue dress (zara)

Pictures made by my sweet little sister.

Picture found on Pinterest.

1. Supplies: scissors, pencil, cheap pearl necklace, felt, felt-glue, ribbon and paper
2. Fold the paper in half and draw a half moon
3. Cut the moon out and use it as a pattern
4. Put some glue on the fabric
5. Take a piece of a cheap pearl necklace
6. Place them according to the forms 
7. Glue the pearls on the felt fabric with special glue for felt
8. Make a smale hole
9. Add the ribbon
10. and tadaaaaa! There is your DIY necklace!

Hi there
Yesterday, I was at a party wearing the second outfit (Fancy style) and lots of people gave me compliments about the necklace. When I told them it was DIY, they were shocked! Haha, so as kind as I am, I will share you how to make one!

I found this DIY and some other interesting stuff last weekend, on the internet. I'm just addicted to DIY so I wanted to try at least one: The pearl collar necklace. It's actually really easy to make and it fits almost with every outfit style. So I will show you how to wear the necklace with two different styles: the casual way and the fancy way. What do you think? Are you going to try to make it? Or are you not really a fan of DIY? I like to hear your comments so let me know!

With love

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Goh, die aparte kraagjes zijn echt in aan het komen. De afgelopen maanden ben ik daar al redelijk vaak op gebotst, ook op DIY kraagjes op youtube. Ik vind wel cool, maar ik zie geen enkele mogelijkheid om die zelf te combineren met eigen kledij. :')

    Het staat je mooi!

    1. Je, idd. De "zedige" look is nu echt very "hot", haha. Dankje voor het compliment!