dinsdag 6 november 2012

My outfit // Denim all the way

black sneakers (fitflop), necklace (lily), brown coat (zara), black bag(theit by pilgerbags),jeans blouse (h&m), red lipstick (gosh)

Hi there!

So it's getting pretty cold here in tiny little Belgium land. Time for my cozy coat! For me, it's always hard to find an outfit on colds days. Because outside is it really really cold but when you go in to a home or classroom, it's almost always really warm. My coat is the perfect solution for that! I just can were a T-shirt or blouse inside and when I go outside I just put on my wooly coat! 

Today I went for a "al in" jeans outfit. I really LOVE jeans. It's a such a cool thing. I wear this skinny jeans at least two times a week. The necklace is a new addition since last week. I got it by Lily. And ofcourse you all know my Theit Bossi Bag by Pilgerbags. I always carry it with me. No other bag could replace it. Accept for a Chanel-one, anybody feel like to give me a present? 

Last but not least, the Arizona Tea... Oh. My. God. ADDICTED. It's a product from America. I already know it for a couple of years but since last year it's getting really popular in Belgium. 

I drink one bottle a day, EVERY DAY. It's sooo good. And I think the bottles are really pretty too. So I never trow them away. I wash them and put flowers or candles in them. 

With love

PS: Pictures made by my sister, Aline. Thank you dear!