vrijdag 5 juli 2013

My outfit // The flamingo bikini

flamingo bikini (asos), eye cat sunglasses (asos), jeans scarf (h&m)

Hi there!

Normally I don't do bikini outfits but for this one I make an exception. This flamingo bikini is so awesome I have to share it with you guys! 

I bought it in january on the internet (asos). I never ever bought clothes/swimwear on the internet. I find it a bit risky. But when I saw the flamingo print, I was immediately in love. So I added it to the shopping bag and a week later it was mine! 

So for months I waited to wear it and finally, here in France, it is time!  Yes, I know I don't own a swimmers body but that's okay for me. This bikini makes me so happy I don't even think about that anymore. 

So what do you think and what kind of bikini makes you happy?

With love,