woensdag 30 november 2011

Catwalk party

So hello there!

This weekend was (like almost all of my weekends) very busy. On Saturday night I went out with two other friends. Our party place? A club in Willebroek: Carre. Normally, I do not party in clubs but this time was different. The annual Flair model contest was held there.

Three years ago, My two friends and I were in the contest (Year 2008). We had a nice time and there we met each other. So since then, we keep coming back and reliving the memories.

We got free food, drinks, a goodie bag and a glass of champagne with a (fake) diamond in it! In one of the glasses there was actually a REAL diamond and if you had the winning glass, you could kept the diamond. Unfortunately, it was not me.

The show was fun and the girls performed very good!

These were three girls who won something in the contest:
- Flair model 2012: Meriem Anciaux (17 years old)
- International model: Lucie De Schrijver
- Public choice: Lucie Pochet

I was wearing a pink tutu dress by h&m.
Here are some pictures of my friends and me that night!

Some pictures of the models!

Some pictures of the winning Flair model 2012: Meriem Anciaux

With Love
Charlotte. X