vrijdag 25 november 2011

My outfit // The nature dress

green nature dress (h&m), brown wedges (bullboxer), flamingo pink nail polish (gosh), necklace (a gift), glasses (ray-ban)

Hello sweet little strangers!

It is still getting colder and colder outside, the trees are almost totally bald, but the plants and the grass in our garden  are still very green. Our garden looks actually very colorful with the difference of green, brown and yellow. So for today I thought: "Why not dress a bit like nature?" And so I did! 

I searched deep into my closet and found this "green - white - yellow" dress from h&m. I bought it about two years ago in a shopping spree and payed almost nothing for it. Now it is the perfect time to wear it. With my new (fake) fur boots, pink nails, long simple neckless and woolen socks, it is the perfect "Charlotte" combination.

Later this evening, I will go to a friend. Together we are going to the reunion evening of my old high school. So I wish you all a nice weekend!

With love