dinsdag 6 december 2011

My outfit // Shiny edge vs a spark of gold

BLACK & WHITE  with a spark of gold
White shirt  (Bikbok London), Little purse (second-hand), Brown belt (Urban outfitters), Fake  black, leather pants (Zara), Black Shoes (Ken shoes)

SCHOOL PROOF with a shiny edge
Brown coat (zara), Old schoolbag (from her childhood), Black skinny jeans (Urban outfitters), Shiny earrings (Mr + Mrs Tweed), Brown shoes (Sacha)

You are not alone, we all are just little strangers living in a big big world.

Dear little strangers, 

Our exams and projects are getting closer. So from now we probably will not be able to post much on our blog, Lonette. But when we have enough of the books, slideshows, ... etc we will certainly entertain you (and our selfs) with a great fun blog post!

For today, it will be an outfit post. No no, it will be TWO outfit posts. YES, I (Charlotte) have convinced Mitte to finally photograph her cute clothing style. You will see, we are two totally different clothing people. Charlotte is wearing her brand new (fake) leather pants and she is loving it. Mitte is wearing her new shiny earrings, very chic. Hope you like it!

With love,
Mitte & Charlotte.X