dinsdag 24 januari 2012

My outfit // The squared coat

squared coat (forever 21), earrings (mr + mrs tweed), white shirt (urban outfitters), jeans (samsoe by mr + mrs tweed), neckless (forever 21), bag (hema), shoes (bullboxer by Snoeys), nail polish (h&m)

Hi guys !

This week I do'nt have to go to school SO you will probably see a lot of posts (I think).

Together with my sister I did some walking around here, to get some fresh air. Sometimes , like today, I can really enjoy the open spaces, the trees, the crazy birds, ... everything what is typical of the countryside. So if people ask me: "Are you a city girl or a countryside girl?" I will say: "Both, I am a country-city girl" (if that's actually a word).

This square coat that I bought yesterday by forever 21 is already becoming one of my favorite clothing items. It is loose and comfy but still pretty!

Special thanks to my sister for snapping these pictures!

With love
Charlotte. X

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  1. Wauw, amazing outfit! I'm totally in love with your shoes, want them! :)
    xoxo Judith