vrijdag 6 april 2012

Report // Elle & River Island summer style night

Start beginning with doing sit-ups because the bare belly trend is back!

I just LOVED that gorgeous ombre maxi skirt (at the left) and the neon trend is still going strong (at the right)! 

This Summer, trend for men: rolled-up trousers and big cotton old school pac-bags! 

The models are having fun! 

<3 the shoes and purse

Big trend (and one of my addictions): wedges! 
Oh those pastel aka ice cream colors... very pwetty!

Ready for summer vacation? 
Cocktails were supplied by Cointreau: yummy!

My beautiful friend Charlotte with a delicious cosmopolitan in her hand!

Me, enjoying my cosmopolitan! 

Empty cocktail glasses al around.

These guys were so cool dressed I just had to take a picture of them. But at first, the camera doesn't wanted to work. #Iwaspanickingandlaughinglikehell 
One of the guys helped me and oh well, you can still see their cool styling! 
Thanks you guys! 

I bought the sweater that I am wearing there. #Mirrofun

Yes dear, you just walk that walk. #Beadiva

My pinky friend Liesbeth and I, showing our outfits.

Hi there my sweet little strangers!

Yesterday evening I had so much fun on my very FIRST fashion/store event! I am talking about the ELLE Style & River Island Night in Antwerp. With some friends of mine we've enjoyed the fashion shows, style advice from a pro, summer trends, fellow bloggers ... and that all together with a delicious cocktail in our hand! 

We also saw some cool people with pretty and creative outfits. Some of them won a year subscription on ELLE magazine!

It was an amazing experience for me, the girl from the countryside. Although my pictures aren't that good (because my camera was working against me for a while).

There is also an article about this evening on the ELLE blog, their is a picture on it together with my friend Charlotte. Click here the read it.

What will be your style for this summer?

With love

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  1. Oh charlotte, ik was er ook :) leuke outfit en zo te zien heb je wel een leuke avond gehad x

    1. Ooh, ik heb je niet gezien! Het was daar ook zo druk :) dankjewel, het was een fijne avond! Volgende keer met zo'n avond laat ik je het weten als ik kom :) x