zondag 1 april 2012

Personal // The one with the birthday gifts

face mask, wet wipes, body splash, nail polish, bracelet
and lip balm in the shape of a kiss (all by h&m) 

lip balm (in the shape of a lolly) (the body shop), nail polish (gosh), face masks (yves rocher) 

hat (asos)

lipstick and parfum (chanel)

neckless (scotch and soda)
handbag (self-made by a friend!)

Hi there

A little present log of the birthday gifts I received on my garden party! I really want to thank my friends, with these gifts I feel like a diva! Can you picture me walking on the streets of LA with my asos hat protecting me from the sun, my scotch and soda neckless shining around my neck and my red chanel lipstick glittering on my lips? Well, I certainly can picture it!  Of which gift do you little strangers like the most?

With love