zondag 28 juli 2013

Hooray for today // Sushi, swim & study

You can also find the pictures on my "Hooray for today" pinterest board ! 

Everyday  I will try to post a "Hooray for today" photo card. The pictures on the card are made by me or my friends/family with my smartphone. You can see it as an "instagram/instacam" post, but better ! 

If you have question about the pictures, were they've been taking etc... just ask !

I'll hope you will enjoy it ! 

So last week was really sunny and I enjoyed it very much! Swimming, drinking, chilling ... I've done it all! And that's it, now I have to study for my re-exams... but don't worry, I still will be blogging during my breaks! 

I wish you all a very nice summer & for those who have re-exams too, good luck!
With love,