vrijdag 9 augustus 2013

My outfit // Une autre mode est possible

t-shirt (l'herbe rouge by Supergoods), suglasses (asos), backpack (sasha shoes), studded loafers (sasha shoes), boyfriend jeans (vero moda)

Hi there!

Today I've chosen for a statement outfit to study in the library. I've got the T-shirt from the ecodesign store Supergoods at Mechelen (Belgium). It's from the eco clothing brand L'Herbe RougeOn the T-shirt is written "Une autre mode est possible" (Another fashion is possible). It makes a statement and proves that eco/fair fashion doesn't has to be dull and boring! 

The materials selected by L'Herbe Rouge are the most environmentally friendly, only class A and B (organic linen, recycled yarns, organic hemp, tencel, organic cotton, organic wool and organic silk.) 

The T-shirt I'm wearing is made of organic cotton (70%) and linen (30%). It's without pesticides and according to a mode of production which strongly protects man and nature. 

So, I try more and more to watch out of what I buy. Especially on clothes. Nowadays, you can already buy a stylisch new outfit for only 15 euros! But where do these stuff come from? Who created it, in what circumstances and how much (or how little did they get payed for it?)

Do you care about your environment  and fair clothing? Then make a style statement! You can find more info on Supergoods.be and L'Herbe Rouge.  

With love,